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Upcoming events

Details of some of the events which will be taking place at the Crinan Hotel

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Music by Quintessential on May 22nd 2016

Book launch - The Crinan Canal by Marion Pallister on June 11th 2016

Open Day at Crinan Boatyard - Saturday August 6th 2016

Music at the Crinan Hotel - Quintessential on May 22nd 2016


After their spectacular debut at the Crinan Hotel in 2015, Quintessential will be back at the Hotel again this year, so come along at lunchtime on Sunday May 22nd to hear them sing - and maybe even join in! 

Free admission - voluntary donations will be invited to support The Puffer - VIC 32.


Quintessential at Crinan in 2015

Book launch at the Crinan Hotel - The Crinan Canal by Marian Pallister

Saturday 11th June, 2016

The first history of the Crinan Canal will be published in June 2016. Author Marian Pallister tells the story of one of the most significant monuments of British civil engineering, from its origins to the present day. The book will discuss how it was built, who built it, and how it changed life in the surrounding areas and still shapes life today.  

Known as ‘Britain’s most beautiful shortcut’, the Crinan Canal runs from Ardrishaig on Loch Fyne nine miles across the Kintyre peninsula to the Atlantic coast. Designed by John Rennie after initial survey work by James Watt in 1771, the canal was opened in 1801, with further improvements made by Thomas Telford in the second decade of the nineteenth century. The canal was originally planned to save commercial ships having to make the long journey from the industrial region around Glasgow round the Mull of Kintyre to reach the west coast and Hebridean islands. By 1854, 33,000 passengers, 22,000 sheep and 2000 cattle had been transported along it. These days the canal is a popular route for leisure craft. 

Marian Pallister is an author based in Argyll. She has worked as a feature writer and commentator covering social issues in Scotland and round the world, particularly in disaster and war zones. She previously taught journalism at Napier University and is currently tutor in English subjects at Argyll College. She also founded the Mhuthanzia Lilanda Initiative, a charity which supports the education of vulnerable young people in Zambia. Her book Cruachan, The Hollow Mountain was published by Birlinn in 2015

The Crinan Canal by Marian Pallister will be published June 16th by Birlinn (£9.99, paperback)

Please contact the Hotel if you would like an invitation to this event - admission will be by ticket only.

Open Day at Crinan Boatyard for the Restoration of the Puffer VIC27

To mark the completion of restoration work on the VIC27’s Engine Room, we are holding a fund raising Open Day at Crinan Boatyard on Saturday, 6 August 2016 from 12.00 noon.

Entry fee £5.00, children free.

This is an opportunity for people interested in things maritime to look over the VIC27 and the rest of the boatyard, and enjoy a BBQ and music by The McAllister Brothers.

Bruichladdich Distillery have carried out a special cask bottling of Bruichladdich whisky which has been donated by one of the puffer’s benefactors to mark the occasion.  This is the VIC27: Auld Reekie Restoration Series Engine Room bottling.

There will be 2 Exclusive Bruichladdich range tastings which will include the special VIC27 ‘Engine Room’ bottling for 20 people only.  Entry by ticket only – £20 – participants by prior arrangement or in advance on the day if spaces are still available – please contact Crinan Boatyard via the contact form on this page or ring 01546 830232.

The first tasting will be at  2 p.m. and the second at 4 p.m.  (this tasting will take place on the puffer itself so access is limited to the able bodied only, although every assistance will be given).

There will be a raffle for one of these  ‘chust sublime’ bottles worth over £200.00 and others are also available!

Also available during the day will be a donation dram & gin & tonic bar.

Entertainment for all the family during the Open Day will include –

  • tours of the VIC27
  • BBQ & live music
  • lemon bobbing in bucket of water
  • guess how many bits of coal in the wheelbarrow
  • bottle stall
  • auction of signed ‘Engine Room’ bottle number one @ 3pm and more signed bottles will be available
  • raffle for items such as a bottle of whisky or botanist or meal voucher for example.

The restoration of the puffer is an on-going labour of love, and we greatly appreciate all the support given to us so far. In order to commemorate the first Crinan Boatyard VIC27 Open Day, those who make a donation of over £200 will receive a bottle of the Bruichladdich VIC27: Auld Reekie Restoration Series Engine Room bottling.

All proceeds of the day will go towards the on-going restoration of the VIC27.

See the VIC27 website for more information.


Contact the Hotel by email: [email protected] or by telephone: +44 (0)1546 830261