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Health & Beauty

Health, beauty & therapeutic treatments are available at the Crinan Hotel in our new Treatment Room.

We offer a selection of massage treatments in our treatment room on the third floor. Stress and tension will float away as our professional therapist helps you unwind and soothes your tired mind.

Please book in advance to ensure that you are not disappointed.

Hot Stone Therapy
50 minutes  £75

Hot stone massage combines massage with the applicationof smooth water heated basalt stones to melt muscle tension - deeply relaxing

Luxury Hot Stone Therapy
1 hour 20 minutes  £90

Experience the penetrating heat from basalt stones applied subtly to the body alternating with the toning and refreshing coolness of marble stones used on the face to enter even deeper dimensions of relaxation and well-being.This includes a face massage and a relaxing foot massage.

Therapeutic Back Massage
50 minutes  £60 

Therapeutic massage works to speed recovery from a wide range of conditions; a more focused treatment that can bring relief from localised pain by a systematic and scientific manipulation of the body tissues with the hands on the nervous, muscular and circulatory system.

Aromatherapy/Total Body Care
50 minutes  £60

A slow pressure point massage using sweet almond oil with pure essential oils derived from plants, trees, fruits or herbs.  The oils are chosen specifically to alleviate symptoms and therefore vary from person to person.

50 minutes  £60

Reiki is not massage, it is a gentle relaxing hands on therapy which passes natural energy from the therapist to the client.  The treatment is carried out fully clothed and lying down.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage
50 minutes £60

Deep tissue sports massage working on the deeper muscles with skill and knowledge can help you sort out an old or new problem.

Please contact us on 01546 830 261 for further details